Writeup Guidance

Cables & Equipment

  1. BulletSecuring electrical equipment to walls & masonry

  2. BulletHow to locate cables and services in walls

  3. BulletHow to draw cables into conduit

  4. BulletTechniques for terminating equipment (connecting up)

  5. BulletMarking cables

Drawings & Diagrams

  1. BulletTypes of drawings and diagrams

Electrical components and parts & operating principles

  1. BulletElectrical components

  2. BulletApplications of components

  3. BulletProtective equipment (fuses, circuit breakers etc)

  4. BulletLighting circuits

Testing circuits - Part 1

  1. BulletBS7671 testing regulations

  2. BulletChecking that equipment is free from damage & safe to use

  3. BulletWhy it is important to carry out check on equipment

  4. BulletApplications of test equipment and how they should be treated

  5. BulletTest procedures and safe working practices

Testing circuits - Part 2

  1. BulletIdentifying test points in a circuit

  2. BulletSetting instrument zeros

  3. BulletFault finding techniques

  4. BulletEarth bonding

  5. BulletProblems that can occur during testing and wiring circuits

  6. BulletActing on own initiative

  7. BulletKeeping work areas tidy

Health and Safety

  1. BulletHealth & Safety Practices

  2. BulletHazards associated with electrical testing

  3. BulletThe importance of PPE

  4. BulletVoltages that are considered to be dangerous

  5. BulletHow to reduce the risk of electric shock

Electrical Knowledge

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