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This circuit consists of:

11x  Resistors
3x			 Capacitors
2x    555 Timers
1x    Comparator
1x    Transistor
1x     Thyristor
1x     LED
1x     Speaker
1x     Reed Switch
1x     PTM Switch
The PIC circuit consists of:

5x     Resistors
1x     PIC Chip
1x     Reed Switch
1x     PTM Switch
1x     LED
1x     Speaker
PIC Microcontrollers

PIC Stands for:

Peripheral Interface Controller
Programmable Integrated Circuit

A PIC is a chip that can be programmed to do a number of different functions. They are used in electronic products such as: remote controls, microwave ovens, car remote key fobs,  washing machines, and much more. It is a whole computer built into a single chip

A PIC can replace many other components in a circuit. Two security alarm circuits are show below - the first circuit uses standard components whereas the second circuit only uses a PIC they look totally different but yet can both perform exactly the same function!
Wiring up a download lead