Health and Social Care
A person’s sexuality describes which sex they are attracted to.

Some people are heterosexual - these means they are emotionally and sexually attracted to the opposite sex.

Some people are homosexual - this means they are emotionally and sexually attracted to people of the same sex. Most men who are attracted to men prefer to be described as being Gay. Women who are attracted to women are generally referred to as being Lesbians.
The word gender simply refers to the sex of a person - male or female.
Faith is a specific system of religious beliefs. Some people refer to themselves as having faith and this generally means they follow an organised religion such as:

Social Class
People sometimes refer to themselves and other people as being part of a class. A person’s class is determined by a range of different factors such as wealth, attitude and the job that they do.

Working class: People described as being working class generally have a low income and have manual or low-skilled jobs such as bricklayers, cleaners and shop assistants.

Middle class: People described as being middle class usually earn more than working class people and have skilled or professional jobs. Examples of jobs that middle class people may have are teachers, accountants, doctors and engineers.

Upper class: People described as being upper class are very wealthy. They often own large amounts of land and own large houses. These people sometimes have titles such as Lord and Duke. These people do not need to work to make a living. Very few people are described as being upper class.
Geographical Location
This just describes where a person lives. Where someone lives can have a large effect on their lives. Even in a small island like Britain there is a diverse range of different locations. Some people live in tiny villages and some live in large cities, some people live in the north and some in the south and this all affects our lives in many ways.
Family Structure
There are many different types of family, some of these are:
Nuclear family: Where children live with their parents together in a home. Many families in Britain are like this.

Extended family: The extended family includes a range of generations like children, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts.
The Simpsons are a Nuclear Family
Social Factors
In Unit 2 we need to think about the following social factors: